Our Treasury Group generates revenues for the Company through proprietary trading, fixed income brokerage, acting as an intermediary in the money markets, and prudent liquidity management. As one of the three money-making pillars of PCCI Capital, Treasury is tasked with identifying potentially profitable opportunities in the financial markets to channel the Company’s own funds. Complementing the sometimes uneven proprietary trading gains are fee-based activities from fixed income brokering and the money markets.


  • Proprietary trading is when PCCI Capital rides the peaks and troughs of the financial markets for its own account. 
  • Treasury specializes in trading of Peso-denominated Government Securities and Corporate Bonds.
  • PCCI Capital is a Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corporation (PDEX) trading participant and a SEC-licensed Government Securities Eligible Dealer.

Money Market

  • The money markets enable certain corporations or high net-worth individuals that have excess cash positions to provide liquidity to counterparts who require short-term funding.
  • PCCI Capital is empowered to act as an intermediary in the money markets through its credentials as an Investment House.


  • Fixed income brokering is when PCCI Capital acts as an intermediary for retail and corporate clients to access the local bond market.
  • Treasury’s salespersons adhere to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.
  • All transactions with clients comply with best execution standards.