Data Privacy Statement

Data Privacy Statement

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We, at Philippine Commercial Capital, Inc. (PCCI Capital), value and respect the rights to privacy of our clients and business partners. It is our obligation to notify our individual and corporate clients/partners on how we collect, process and safekeep their personal information as well as to inform them of their rights in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations specified in Republic Act No. 10173 also known as the “Data Privacy Act of 2012”.

Under the law, personal information refers to any information from which the identity of an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information or when put together with other information will directly or certainly identify an individual. As such, PCCI Capital may obtain personal information through the following:

  • Availing of our products and services (such as requesting for quotations, filling out a form, placing an order, etc.)
  • Responding to queries and verifying customer identity
  • Customer surveys for the improvement of our products and services
  • Emails and letters
  • Information from our partners or through other organizations (for example, credit bureaus, insurance companies, government institutions, fraud prevention agencies, etc.).

All the personal data provided to PCCI Capital are used to conduct our everyday business purposes, for marketing, or to perform our obligations arising from contracts entered into with our clients or partners.
By providing personal information through the abovementioned channels or means, it is understood that an individual owning the information is allowing the company to collect, use and share information with our partners, or in conformity with constitutional or statutory requirements.

What We May Collect From You
We collect your personal information, which may include, among others:
  • your name and personal particulars such as contact details, address, birthdate, education;
  • specimen signatures;
  • government ID details;
  • financial information (such as income, expenses, balances, investments, tax, insurance, financial and transaction history, etc);
  • employment details;
  • business interests and assets;

We take the privacy of one’s personal data seriously, both in paper and electronic form. Therefore, we store information in such a way that it will not be misused, modified, interfered, lost or disclosed to unauthorized users through the implementation of technical solutions, security practices and processes such as but not limited to the following:

  • Document storage security policies;
  • Security measures to control access to our systems and premises;
  • Limitations on access to personal data;
  • Data privacy training for our employees;
  • Electronic security systems, such as firewalls, data encryption and transmission of data through a secured file transfer protocol.

The information is kept and maintained in our custody up to a certain period or as long as necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or as required by laws and regulations. Though we have set a specified period to remove or clear the data in our system, safety measures are still in place to safeguard and uphold whatever data due for disposal and for preservation.


To ensure that our partners will handle in the same manner we handle and protect the information, we established a strict selection process to ensure that we will only share data with partners that are registered under the National Privacy Commission (NPC) and can demonstrate sufficient organizational, technical and physical security measures who can protect the personal data.

Personal information will be made available to the clients and business partners anytime in case there are requests for correction, modification or deletion. It is the right of the individual owning the personal data to inquire or obtain a copy of the personal information provided to us. For your rights as the owner of the personal data, you may refer to this link:

For data privacy queries, concerns, request or complaints, you may contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the following details:

Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Philippine Commercial Capital, Inc. (PCCI Capital)
6/F PCCI Bldg. 118 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village
Makati City Philippines 1227
Tel. No.:  (+632) 8284-9717
Email Add:

Changes to Our Privacy Statement
We may modify or amend this Data Privacy Notice from time to time to keep up with any changes in relevant laws and regulations applicable to us or how we collect, use, protect, store, share or dispose of your personal information.